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Professional Trader vs Beginner

What Qualities do Professional Traders have that separates them from beginners?

How do Professional Traders think differently compared to beginners?

Professional Trader v/s Beginner

There is a stark contrast between a Professional Trader and a beginner. Professional Traders tend to treat trading with a lot more seriousness and look to making serious money.

But, how else would one differentiate between a Pro Trader and a beginner? Do you want to understand what Pro Traders do better than beginners?

Read along the quick summary:

1. A beginner treats the Stock Market as a way to make quick money, a professional treats the Stock Market as a career.

2. A beginner first invests, then worries about every price movement and does research, a professional first does research and then relaxes comfortably without worrying about every price movement.

3. A beginner has a gambling mentality- either all or nothing, a professional takes calculated decisions.

4. A beginner tends to risk everything on a single stock/trade, a professional manages risk to maximize profit.

5. A beginner falls for a broker’s or tipster’s unsolicited advice, a professional does his own research.

6.A beginner has small profits and big losses, a professional has big profits and small losses.

7. A beginner only celebrates their profits, a professional tries to identify mistakes and learns with every trade.

8. A beginner keeps repeating mistakes, a professional learns from their mistakes.

9. A beginner buys when there is Euphoria and sells when there is Panic, a professional sells in Euphoria and buys in Panic.

10. A beginner is nervous as soon as they take a trade, a professional remains calm at all times.

Remember: Every professional was once a beginner.



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