Manish started his trading career 28 years ago in 1991. He brings with him vast experience having seen numerous market cycles.

Manish has had a long and arduous journey and takes pride in being a self-made successful trader.

Manish started off as a UTI agent. He completed his articleship with a prominent CA in Hyderabad in 1991. For the next 4 years, Manish found himself working as a remisier and a Sub-Broker. Thereafter, seeing some of his clients do well, he decided to take up trading full-time.

After struggling initially and burning through his capital he saw a major turn-around in 1998. During 1998-2000 there used to be weekly settlement. It was very common for stocks to hit the upper circuit during the first day of the settlement.

Courtesy the IT boom, by February 2000, he was able to turn his 25,000 into 50 Lakhs. He used these proceeds to buy a house and his first car. He faced some difficulty again as the market corrected heavily and lost most of his remaining profits. He took a break from the market for a couple of years to and tried his hands at several businesses but his passion for the market brought him back. After making steady capital for a year, Manish gained confidence when in mid-January 2004, the market rallied for 4-5 years helping him build substantial capital. By 2008, Manish had built up a trading capital of 1 crore.

The recession in 2008 took away a lot of money from his investments, but, his trading career had taken off helping him make most of his lost investments back.

This is when he decided to delve deeper into understanding a Trader’s Psychology and mastering risk management and learned the know-hows of Technical Analysis. Since then, barring a few minor hiccups, Manish has never looked back.

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